Earth observation - the new frontier in coastal resilience planning

06 AUGUST 2020

Healthy oceans and well-managed coastlines are key in ensuring that island and coastal communities are resilient to climate change impacts.

For agile and spatially-distributed response, data about changes, trends and environmental status in coastal areas is critical. However, comprehensive assessments of coastal zones are costly, complex and cumbersome to carry out.

Now you can take advantage of the latest satellite technology and machine learning algorithms to meet your monitoring needs – at a low cost.

To support coastal resilience planning, we provide:

✔️Up-to-date data on coastline positions & assessments of erosion/accretion over time (Click here to learn more about our coastline mapping solution)

✔️Mapping & monitoring of the dynamics of submerged aquatic vegetation (Click here to learn more about our submerged aquatic vegetation solution)

✔️Mapping of land cover/land use in high spatiotemporal resolution (Click here to learn more about our land cover mapping solution)

✔️Near real-time mapping of flood extent & frequency (Click here to learn more about Flood Metrics)

✔️Near real-time monitoring of water quality & suspended sediment (Click here to learn more about our water quality solution)

✔️Up-to-date bathymetry in shallow waters in resolutions from 2-30 m (Click here to learn more about our satellite-derived bathymetry solution)

✔️The latest Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite imagery covering your project area (Click here to learn more about satellite imagery and acquisition prices)

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