Satellite based monitoring of offshore wind farms

21 APRIL 2021

Offshore wind has been growing rapidly in recent years, as an attractive and clean energy alternative. However rigorous environmental legislation and a harsh and dynamic environment require thorough and meticulous planning, as well as continuous operational monitoring of windmill installations and the dynamics of the surrounding water bodies, to ensure safe and reliable operation of offshore wind assets.

The majority of the data and information needed to plan, construct and operate offshore wind farms is costly, time consuming and risky to collect, requiring rigorous field campaigns and expensive equipment.

Satellite-based products and services provide a powerful, low cost and efficient alternative to supplement or replace traditional monitoring solutions, by delivering up-to-date and comprehensive intelligence on the dynamics of the seabed and conditions of the environment around offshore wind installations.

Our satellite based services for offshore wind farms include;

Sandwave movement at Horns Rev 3 offshore wind farm in Denmark