How satellites are transforming our daily lives – 50 use case stories released in new catalogue

A significantly increasing number of satellites, a growing variety of Earth Observation (EO) sensors, improved data quality and the adoption of new data analytics technology has contributed to position satellite data as a primary workhorse and driver of many different critical applications.

The contribution of Earth Observation data is modernizing public authorities, enabling them to deliver services more effectively and efficiently and it underpins many different functions and solutions within the private sector, across many different domains.

To showcase the continuously growing usage and application of satellite data (emphasizing Copernicus Sentinel data) in Denmark and internationally, 50 different user stories has been collected in this new use case catalogue entitled ‘DANISH USES OF COPERNICUS – 50 USER STORIES BASED ON EARTH OBSERVATION’.

As the largest downstream EO service provider in Denmark, we are proud and happy to have contributed to 15 of the 50 use case stories included in the catalogue. It illustrates the diversity of our solutions and our capacity as frontier innovators of novel EO data technology – and we are pleased to share our stories and experience in this catalogue.

Click the links below to read our use case stories or download the catalogue to explore all 50 use cases: