Why is it important?

In recent years the amount of satellite data available has increased rapidly. With our customized trainings we can help you to make use of this vast amount of information to make sense in your daily work.

Geospatial information is the underpinning infrastructure for a wide range of applications, including environmental protection, urban planning and water management. Knowing how to handle geographic information will support you in effective decision-making.

How does it work?

Our customized trainings from 1-day seminars to multiple week courses helps you to strengthen your skills in using satellite information in your project work. The modular way of arranging the training, with theoretical blocks and hands-on sessions, allow us to design highly flexible and customized workshops, for your specific needs.

We are promoting open-source solutions which makes it easy for you to continue the work with satellite data after the training without worrying about licensing costs.

A long record of experience has been built up since 2000 in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America, where we have given trainings in all aspects of Earth observation as well as geographical information in general.

What you get!

Customised training sessions targeting knowledge gaps within your staff

Hands-on training allowing you to solve your problems better with satellite information

Theoretical knowledge on image analysis and interpretation

Typical customers?

Capacity building and technical assistance for forest monitoring and illegal logging in Latin America

Theoretical introduction to GIS analyses hands-on sessions for assessments of renewable resources in Vietnam

Training courses in the usage of QGIS for integrated water basin management at river basin authorities and water departments in Africa


Curriculum could contain: theory in remote sensing, satellite data handling and processing, mapping and reporting, GIS basics/advanced training

All kinds of optical and microwave satellite data, e.g. Sentinels, Landsat, MODIS etc.

Open source tools such as QGIS, SNAP, python, R

Geospatial information Management

Price list

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