Why is it important?

Monitoring surface water can support national water authorities and river basin commissions with vital data on basin hydrology and infrastructural development projects (e.g. planning dam construction or irrigation schemes). It is also crucial knowledge for irrigation and livestock watering and monitoring water-related ecosystems.

Historic and near real time flood mapping information helps to identify and evaluate flood hazards and to better plan for how to address the challenges from extreme climatic events.

How does it work?

Satellite derived information supports the assessment and monitoring of surface water resources from watershed to national and transboundary basin level.

The Surface Water Monitoring solution focuses on the identification of water bodies and wetlands and their associated dynamics. The monitoring information is key for assessing the availability of water resources over time including their response to climatic extremes such as floods and droughts.

Monitoring surface water from space provides water authorities with the reference information needed to make informed and timely decisions.

What you get!

Updated GIS maps with hydrology related information e.g. surface water, wetlands, irrigated areas and infrastructure projects in water environments

Necessary reference information for efficient planning and steering of surface water resources for human and livestock water requirements

Effective technology for mapping and monitoring of flood conditions of large regions and for inaccessible areas

Typical customers?

River basin organizations and environmental agencies to obtain important information on the basin hydrology and for ecosystem monitoring

Water authorities who are facing increased water scarcity and therefore need to effectively manage water resources to serve domestic, industrial and ecosystems requirements

Disaster management units for their preparedness, emergency planning and damage assessments


Worldwide coverage

Resolutions down to 30 cm

Monitoring information can be provided on a weekly basis

Data available in a ready to use format for easy incorporation into existing GIS systems and databases

All weather capacity mapping through clouds and at night with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data

Price list

Prices starting from 0.1€ per km2

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