Why is it important?

Handling and performing analysis of large quantities of Earth Observation data is a demanding and time-consuming task, that often requires specialized software and skills. Our software solutions embed our knowledge and experience.

Easy access to and visualization of data is as important as the actual analysis and processing of the data itself. We build modern and intuitive web apps that fit your needs, whether it’s an internal tool for your analysts to query data, or a simple and elegant app for visualizing results.

The solution is based on tried and true analysis methods or modern AI and machine learning, and our analysts and software developers work together to transform it into an algorithm which can be deployed operationally. Automating the entire pipeline, from acquisition to analysis and visualization. Online platforms allow interactive exploration of the extracted information and provide increased level of stakeholder engagement. Online. Online access also allows the information to be continuously updated in real time as data is collected and analyzed from around the globe.

How does it work?

Our software solutions allow you to exploit the knowledge and experience within custom-made toolboxes and online applications.

We implement advanced methods for data processing and analysis and turn them into easy-to-use applications that will allow you to extract high value information from large quantities of Earth Observation data.

This can be in the form of open-source toolboxes for QGIS, stand-alone applications or online applications tailored specifically to your use. With our strong scientific background, we rely on both physically-based and machine-learning models.

What you get!

Custom built software and toolboxes that allow you to efficiently extract information from large quantities of geospatial data

Online applications allowing interactive exploration of information products instead of traditional maps or reports

The knowledge and experience of DHI GRAS packaged into your own software solution – either on your desktop or in the cloud

Typical customers?

National agencies responsible for environmental reporting use our toolboxes to extract environmental parameters from satellite data in real time

A renewable energy company wanting to follow the trend in adoption of rooftop solar cells or a city wanting to build an app for its residents showing availability of parking spaces

Interactive web map applications are used by mining and dredging companies to limit and document their impact on the environment


We often extend the functionality of existing software, such as QGIS, by developing plugins or toolboxes

We mainly work in Python on high performance infrastructure including cloud environments, HPC clusters and specialized software that runs on GPUs

Our web solutions are often built based on material design principles powered by both open source components as well as custom built engines like our own TerraCotta raster tile server 

Price list

Software toolboxes and online applications should be tailored for your specific use. We develop solutions from very simple web viewers to large applications for big data analysis on cloud environments.

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