Why is it important?

Forest monitoring with satellite data provide the consistent coverage needed to estimate forest cover area and forest cover changes over large areas.

This information is critical for decision makers and practitioners to take timely actions to protect forests and to promote sustainable forest monitoring and management as each year millions of hectares of forests around the world are being lost or degraded due to deforestation and wildfires.

How can it help?

Accurate forest and land cover maps are needed to assist land use planning initiatives and support sustainable forest resource management. They are a necessity for understanding the impact of human land use and land cover change on hydrological processes and climate change.

Earth observation can provide near real time alert information on forest disturbance which can help mitigate and assess damage from natural events (e.g. forest fires and storm damage) and forest encroachment due to unlicensed mining and agricultural activities.

What you get!

GIS maps to effectively share information about forest cover and land use

Ability to visualize and analyze the location and pace of deforestation

Better understanding of linkages between deforestation and issues such as e.g. forest fires and watershed hydrology

Typical customers?

Earth observation is often used in national forest inventory programs to complement traditional sample-based observations with estimates of forest area and/or volume per unit area
Conservation agencies uses satellites to get timely information on forest cover changes within protected areas
Monitoring and alert systems for storm and fire damage, estimation of changes in carbon stocks (e.g. REDD+) and to evaluate suppliers and their compliance with environmental standards


Typically 10 meter resolution

Data can be obtained from anywhere on Earth

Cover large areas instantaneously to complement field data

Go 40 years back in time to estimate long-term forest changes

Monitoring information can be provided on a weekly basis

All weather capacity mapping through clouds and at night with Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data

Data available in a ready to use format for easy incorporation into existing GIS systems and databases

Price list

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