Why is it important?

Flood risk and hazard mapping is important for efficient flood risk management. The flood maps are used to prevent flood damages, for land use planning and rescue operations.

How can it help?

With satellite imagery it is possible to map the extent of an area that has been subject to either a flood or hazard, and assess the damage, getting a full overview of where aid is needed the most.

What you get!

Assess the amount of flooding in near real time by triggering satellites to map flooded areas. The flood hazard map can be acquired a few hours after flooding has occurred and delivered in less than 24-48 hours globally (different solutions apply)

Prevent or limit floods from happening again by mapping historical flood hazards to understand the risks and take mitigating actions based on time series of satellite imagery​

Using high-quality Digital Terrain Models suitable for assessing flood depth coupled with enhancement of Digital Elevation Models through advanced image analysis (feature extraction)

flood risk and hazard mapping

Typical customers?

Urban planners to manage and understand the flood risks in urban planning zones

Civil security agencies to asses the potential severity and frequency of flood losses in emergency situations

NGOs and governments to map, plan and analyse flood risk problems from local to national scales


Satellites and our services are global

Get these type of maps daily depending on the overpass schedule of the different satellites

Get information about historical floodings depending on availability of archived imagery

The raw satellite image is typically available within hours after the image acquisition (time needed for analysis and production of maps can vary from a few hours to days depending on size of area)

Price list

Let us know in advance where and when you expect a flooding to occur and contact us for a quote!

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