Why is it important?

A DEM enables you to understand all aspects of the terrain and is an essential input in many geospatial analyses such as topography mapping, hydrological modelling, airspace planning, infrastructure site planning’s and environmental change applications.

An elevation model derived from satellites will overcome challenges related to the insufficient detail level in public available DEM’s such as SRTM, as well as being a more cost-efficient alternative to LiDAR and land surveyor based DEM’s.

How does it work?

A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a digital representation of the earth’s terrain heights.

We provide DEM’s created from stereoscopic satellite imagery, which is a highly cost-efficient alternative to traditional land and aerial based surveying approaches. A DEM can be used to derive topographic contours and compute elevation slope, aspect and other topography characteristics used in many geospatial analyseis.

A DEM can be delivered as both a digital surface model (DSM) which includes surface features such as vegetation and man-made structures, as well as a bare-earth representation without above ground objects (DTM) – both options ranging from 50 cm to 30 m in spatial resolution

What you get!

Updated and tailormade Digital Elevation Model (DTM/DSM), delivered in any ready-to-use GIS format

Possible additional data layers such as contour lines, hydrological enhancements, satellite imagery

Our independent and qualified advice on selecting the right solution suited to your project requirements

Typical customers?

Hydrological modelers work with DEM’s for flood modelling

Aerial operators (e.g. UAV and airplane pilots) need accurate terrain heights to safely plan their flight

Wind resource modelers need accurate terrain heights to estimate onshore wind resources


Delivery time: Some products are ready to go, others need a bit more processing time

To further enhance the accuracies of the DEM, a few ground control points (GCP) is very often beneficial

We will assist with experience and guidance

Price list

Typical pricing:

1m DEM: 60-90 EUR/sqkm

4m DEM: 30-50  EUR/sqkm

Minimum order size: 100 sqkm

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