Why is it important?

High-quality and reliable data on past, present and predicted conditions of various metocean parameters is essential in order to reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions and improve fleet management capacity in the shipping industry. DHI’s Global Seas will deliver hourly information on ocean current, wave and wind data one-year back and five days ahead in time, globally, through a series of accurate regional ocean current models assimilated by satellite data input.

Project highlights:

Providing global-local high-quality ocean surface current data achieved by combining earth observation and modelling techniques in a semi-automated downscaling approach

Covering a wide range of metocean parameters with expert assessment of quality and only including sufficiently reliable data.

Ensuring flexibility, easy and efficient access to the data exactly where the information is needed in the workflow of the end-users. This includes exploiting the increased bandwidth expected from sitcom and GPS positioning of vessels typically communicated via AIS.

In more detail..

Global Seas will deliver earth observation enriched high-quality data on ocean currents and other valuable metocean data tailored for application in the shipping sector with the purpose of making shipping more fuel efficient and ensure better management of the fleets.

The value creation will come from reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions and improved fleet management capacity. This is typically obtained by the shipping companies directly, by route optimization and fuel optimization service providers and by the vessel navigators and captains.The decisions made by the various players are complex on their own, but rely on the quality of past, present and predicted conditions of ocean currents, wind, waves, water level, sea temperature, salinity and other metocean conditions.

Global Seas focuses on generating value by providing easy and efficient access to current and other metocean high-quality data and estimating the accuracy of the data provided. This solution relies most heavily on altimetry-based sea surface height products combined with DHI’s world leading hydrodynamic models. Sea surface observations are used both for continually updating the tidal water level and current products, and it is the most important satellite observation for constraining mesoscale dynamics.

While emphasis is on ocean currents, the product will also integrate sea surface temperature (SST, from e.g. Sentinel 3A and 3B SLSTR), scatterometer surface wind speed data (from e.g. ASCAT, RapidScat), wave height and wind speed from altimetry

European Space Agency:

The European Space Agency (ESA) is the European space programme and its mission is to explore Earth, its immediate space environment, our Solar System and the Universe.

ESA also works closely with space organisations outside Europe to develop satellite-based technologies and services, and to promote European industries.

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