Why is this important?

Easy access and visualization of geodata is as important as the actual analysis and processing of the data itself. We build modern and intuitive web apps that fit your needs, whether it’s an internal tool for your analysts to query data, or a simple and elegant app for visualizing results.

The solution can be based on tried and true analysis methods or modern AI and machine learning. Our analysts and software developers work together to transform it into an algorithm which can be deployed operationally. We automate the entire pipeline, from acquisition to analysis and visualization.

The highlights:

An algorithm built to solve your exact problem

A modern and elegant web app custom-built to suit your end-users

A modern and elegant web app custom-built to suit your end-users

In more detail..

We build entire geodata web solutions into one package. Data acquisition from relevant sensors and satellites, analysis using our state of the art algorithms and AI, all the way to displaying the data in a custom-built web app, using our own open source raster server.

At DHI GRAS we have experts in both geodata analysis, software- and web development. We leverage this to provide you with a full package solution. We aim for full automation, seamlessly streaming results to your app as soon as they are processed.

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