How we helped:

The amazon is described as the lungs of our earth. Forest monitoring plays an essential role in checking its health. We developed a low-cost monitoring system for efficiently monitoring forest areas in Latin America, based on open source software and free data sources.

Project highlights:

Capacity building within the use of satellite imagery for effective, systematic and routinely monitoring of deforestation within indigenous’ territories in Latin America

Providing a low cost monitoring system based on open source GIS software and freely available optical and radar satellite images

Provision of on-site tailormade technical workshops focusing on effective coupling local field surveys with satellite remote sensing

Coordinator & Technical Adviser,
Jakob Rydding

Our cooperation with DHI GRAS on the development of low-cost monitoring systems, based on the application of open source GIS software and freely available optical and radar satellite images has exceeded our expectations.

DHI GRAS has with great skill and user-friendliness delivered a hands-on approach to using freely available data and technology to carry out participatory forest monitoring in large tropical forest areas. The combination of desk analyses and field verification creates a powerful and efficient tool, which has been an invaluable input to our own organisation as well as our partners in Latin America.

In more detail..

We successfully co-lead two technical workshops, hosted by the NGO Forests of the World (Verdens Skove), that introduced satellite-based monitoring of forest cover changes in indigenous territory in Bolivia and Panama.

The workshop participants were trained in the following topics:

Forests of the World:

Forests of the World (Verdens Skove) is an environmental NGO founded in Denmark in 1983 with the objective to conserve and manage the world’s forests in a sustainable way.

They create opportunities for communities and people, who aspire to save the forests of the world and aim to demonstrate and prove the value of the living forest through campaigns, consumer information, training, cooperation, and concrete work in and around the rainforest.

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