Why is it important?

Satellite technology has been through explosive development in recent years and new sensors with augmented capabilities – even entire constellations of microsatellites – are sent into space on a regular basis. As a result, satellite data provides new avenues to underpin time-critical geointelligence solutions. This project will uncover existing needs and requirements for security and defence related geointelligence solutions among stakeholders in Denmark and demonstrate how these can be addressed through novel satellite-based applications.

Project highlights:

Analysing and documenting existing needs and requirements for time-critical geointelligence solutions among key stakeholders in defence and security.

Developing novel geointelligence solutions through the application of deep learning technology and multisource earth observation data.

Demonstrating and testing the potential of satellite-based geointelligence solutions through application in relevant use case scenarios and provision of tailormade webinars to connect industry leaders and relevant stakeholders in the security and defence related sectors.

In more detail..

Satellite technology has been through rapid development in recent years and every day, hundreds of satellites orbit above us in space with one purpose – to acquire and deliver timely data and information about our planet. Combined with new and improved data handling and processing capabilities, cloud computing and machine learning, satellite data provides new avenues to improve and augment geointelligence capacities and solutions.

Artificial Intelligence for Acute Living Earth Reconnaissance Technology “AI4ALERT” aims to uncover existing needs for time-critical geointelligence solutions among stakeholders working with critical infrastructure or otherwise operate within a defense and security context.

Through a series of bilateral meetings and online webinars with key stakeholders, the project will seek to connect industry leaders and document existing technology gaps and unmet needs for geointelligence. Consequently, the project will demonstrate how the combination of novel satellite data sources and deep learning technology can power scaleable, autonomous and intelligent solutions to address a variety of these needs.

Examples of such services include:
  • Monitoring critical infrastructure (e.g. detecting fallen trees or other obstacles on roads and railways, monitoring vegetation growth in the vicinity of electrical grids, detecting unapproved excavation work nearby power- and gas lines, monitoring soil moisture to detect waterpipe leaks, mapping flooded roads as well as general dynamic monitoring of traffic movement);
  • Tracking and monitoring activity patterns and movement in operational scenarios (i.e., detecting and monitoring the number of people and cars to provide insight into activity patterns and early warnings for unusual activities);
  • Monitoring the impact of emergency events (e.g. the extent of flooding’s and identification of people and housing impacted, monitoring fire risk and ongoing fire extent and movement, detecting and tracking oil spills, etc.).
Such solutions and information services could underpin a range of core geointelligence needs among a wide range of private and public stakeholders in both Denmark and internationally, including emergency authorities, the police, the defence, national security agencies, airports, ports and harbors, utilities and insurance companies.

Center for Defence, Space & Security:

The Center for Defence, Space & Security (CenSec) is the prime Danish cluster for small and medium-sized enterprises specializing in high tech industries like defence, homeland security, space, aerospace, railway and maritime.

CenSec was founded in 2004 and established in 2007 as an industrial cluster. In 2018, CenSec was approved by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science to also become a national Innovation Network for Security (Inno-Sec)

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