A Gazelle observed from space – DHI GRAS awarded business growth award from Børsen

23 OCTOBER 2020

We are proud to announce that DHI GRAS has received Børsen’s Gazelle prize 2020, in recognition of our continuous growth and development.

Each year, since 1995, Børsen has identified Denmark’s growth elite, and over time the gazelle has become part of the Danish language as a synonym for growth businesses. In short, a Gazelle is a business which has ’achieved a continuous growth in revenue for the last four financial years, and which has, in total, more than doubled the revenue in the period’.

First and foremost, the Gazelle prize reflects the dedicated efforts and hard work of our growing team, whose commitment to innovation and excellence defines our achievements of success. It is through their curiosity, creativity, and willingness to challenge status quo that we continuously transcend the limits of space data, by creating new products and services that creates real and positive impact on the ground.

However, our sustained growth is also a testimony to the maturity and value of the space sector and earth observation, which from its infancy, in the early days of DHI GRAS, 20 years ago, has developed from a niche to a mainstream technology. This transformation is not least facilitated through the deployment of increasingly more satellites in recent years, which has made earth observation data more accessible, affordable, and more usable than ever before. This foundation will only grow bigger, and so will the relevance and opportunities provided by the space sector and downstream service providers, such as DHI GRAS.

As a new Gazelle, DHI GRAS is experiencing a surge in our activities. New innovative products are created, new partnerships have been formed and new customers gained. We are excited about the future of DHI GRAS and have already set our target towards next year’s Gazelle award. We are ready to continue to drive change and innovation in earth observation!

Winning the Gazelle price is a tangible evidence of the growth and success of DHI GRAS - and we are extremely delighted to receive this award. It’s a testimony to the fact that the work we do creates real value and positive impact for our customers and clients. However, it goes without saying, that no company can grow in the long run without energized and passionate employees who believes in the mission and understand how to achieve it. So, while this award is an indicator of our financial growth, it’s a manifestation of the collective efforts of our fantastic team and I am very excited to share this award with them.
Rasmus Borgstrøm
Managing Director