Flood Metrics - Introducing our new all-in-one interface for our satellite-based flood monitoring products:

20 July 2020

Flooding’s are one of the most common and devastating types of natural disasters – causing significant social, economic and environmental consequences. The impacts of these events are often exacerbated by lacking data and information to support informed emergency response and flood protection measures.

New satellite data, novel image processing methods and state-of-art machine learning algorithms have propelled satellite-based flood mapping into a new era, providing a time-critical resource to address this data gap, as a fast, efficient and accurate tool for mapping water on terrain and flooded areas.

Our novel image processing methods, advanced machine learning algorithms and automated processing workflows of best in class satellite imagery has fueled a new generation of low-cost operational flood monitoring products to provide timely, accurate and reliable data on flooding events.

Our new Flood Metrics portal provides an all-in-one interface to this state-of-the-art product line, allowing users to search, explore and receive instant price ranges for 3 different products (Flood extent, Digital Elevation Models and Flood frequency).

Visit floodmetrics.dhigroup.com/home for more information or click the button below to access Flood Metrics directly.

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