Our beautiful planet as seen from space - how satellites help monitor earth's vital signs


From natural disasters to a global pandemic, 2020 has been marked in history as a year of global extremes.

Let’s take a moment to distance ourselves from negative news and showcase the beauty and diversity of our planet, as seen from space.

‘Day-and-night, the entirety of our planet is surveyed by an ever-increasing number of Earth observation satellites that capture the astonishing beauty and dynamics of our planet. In DHI GRAS we get to appreciate this beauty daily, and today we want to share our world with you.

A satellite image is worth a thousand words. While the images below show the magnificence of our planet, they also contain critical data that can be used to synoptically map and monitor it's pulse.

A growing variety of sensor types and capabilities, as well as novel analytics tools and data processing techniques, have propelled satellite-based Earth observation into a new era.

The images below contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data [2020] Image credits European Space Agency - ESA